Real Estate Projects

Real Estate Projects

When I bought my first home in 1989, I learned cash flow because renting out the converted garage paid half my mortgage. 

When the house next door went into probate a few years later, I learned you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. 

When the Winter Olympics came to Utah in 2002, I learned to make money by differentiating vacation rentals, while turning work trips into world-class vacations.

When houses became too much work per dollar returned, I learned how to rehab and reposition 100+ unit apartments in Texas.

When 2008 cratered the entire investment world, I learned how to manage through downturns, structure commercial workouts people said were impossible, and never quit.

When US apartments became too overpriced (again) this decade, I learned to find, acquire, improve, and run undervalued trophy income assets outside the US – like turning this mansion into the first beachfront eco-villa in the Tamarindo area.

When even the UN realized humanity is likely toast if we don’t change our ways VERY soon, I started learning how to create real estate projects that shine a spotlight on ways to fix things.

Along the way, I’ve created and presented multiple strategic frameworks for real estate investing, often focusing on maximizing value of “the business in the box” not just land and improvements. Some example projects are on my site

Who says real estate can’t get radically innovative at solving the grand challenges we face as a species? Just visit to get a taste of regenerative eco-tourism development, the next level beyond sustainability – a place where we don’t mitigate negative footprints; we maximize positive ones!