American Dream Home Version 2.0 Alpha

Black Rock City, NV: 

Since accidentally becoming an artist I’ve done a lot of installations, and this one isn’t terribly artistic but I am very proud of it…

That’s because in 2008 Burning Man made its theme “American Dream” just as the American Dream of home ownership got so oversold it blew up the global financial system. To make a statement about THAT, a few of us made a DIY flat-pack shelter out of building insulation panels, and furnished it as a complete tiny home with my flat-pack furniture designs for about $500 total – convertible couch/bed, table & chairs, dresser, and kitchenette. Then I themed it to present a ship-flat glamping hut as better housing than 1/3 of the world lives in at any given time. Art with a message, ya? 

Of course it was Burning Man so we also got silly with our serious installation, such as hosting the American Dream Lunch featuring Oscar Meyer bologna and French’s mustard on Wonder Bread, washed down with Bud Light.

After the event, this particular temporary shelter lived in my backyard for another decade, including two years with a teenager living in it after his mother lost her home in the crash… 

The world STILL needs a disaster relief sheltering solution that can deploy in an hour, move when needed, and last for years like this one. In most of the world, the entire NGO system still hands out tents that last months to refugees who need shelter for a generation. In the US, ever since Katrina made a mockery of FEMA trailers, we just make people leave their community and use apartment vouchers…but wait, we digress – check out some of my art installations – they are kinda fun.

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