Geometrix, Inc.

San Jose, CA: 

President & Founder: Founded, built, and sold early-stage biometrics company that deployed breakthrough 3D facial shape sensing techniques to automate human identification tasks for homeland security and law enforcement. Raised ~$10M via Government R&D contracts, angels, and VC. Customers/partners included DOE, CIA, NSA, FBI, TSA, DoD, TSWG, DHS, HP, and multiple county jails.

First-ever innovations we deployed included the 1st passive 3D object scanner, 1sr passive 3D face scanner, 1st 3D facial recognition system, 1st integrated face/fingerprint biometric system, 1st 3D virtual try-on system for eyewear, 1st integrated GPS/IMU/Vision navigational system for drones, and 1st camera calibration solution for merging 3D CG with live footage. 

Four patents including virtual eyewear try-on at

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