1st 3D Facial Biometric System

San Jose, CA: 

The day after the terror attacks of 9/11, we gathered for a company meeting where I shared that the only business that would matter for a while is homeland security.

We brainstormed, and I finally asked R&D to overlay & compare 100 of the 3D faces we had captured for animation apps, and calculate how different the shapes were.

The next day, they said “we can totally tell them apart much better than anyone has ever done with regular 2D images”. And in that moment, we became a biometrics company. Over the next two years, Government anti-terror agencies gave us lots of funding, and sent our gear secret places to identify terrorists. We also deployed solutions for nuclear plant control room access, prisoner movement control, and other applications.

Our FaceVision and ActiveID systems achieved the highest facial biometric accuracy ever recorded in the 2003 DARPA/NIST Facial Recognition Grand Challenge.

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