1st Virtual try-on System for Eyewear Marketing and Optics Production Rationalization

Tel Aviv, Israel: 

Working with an Israeli eyewear production equipment supplier and the world’s #2 eyewear manufacturer Hoya, we developed the world’s first 3D virtual try-on system for eyewear marketing and optics production rationalization. 

We built a system that captured a user’s face from ear-to-ear as an accurate 3D model, and we modeled all of Hoya’s eyewear in 3D, and we built a virtual try-on app enabling the user to see how they look wearing any combination of frames and lenses. 

Under the hood, the system was precise enough to position the eyewear correctly on the user’s nose and ears, determine the user’s eye positions within the frames, and then tell Hoya’s factory exactly how to cut out the lenses to center them perfectly in the frames for that user’s facial characteristics.  Just one visit to get check-up and optical prescription, plus get 3D scanned and select frame design and lens type, then the finished eyewear can ship directly to consumer. This fully automated prescription eyewear production for the first time, by eliminating 2 manual fitting procedures previously requiring optometrists.

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